Consulting: To ensure reliable operation of the train

Trains are among the most complex technical achievements of our time. Each component has to operate with clockwork precision and each sensor has to communicate the correct data to the right subsystem. Train operation may involve problems that span multiple specialist areas from hydraulics through to software, which makes us a reliable partner – because we’ve got you covered.

We are a team of rail vehicle specialists who get going when things become particularly challenging. We find workable solutions – from the beginning of the tender through to final approval.

You want to ensure reliable operation of your trains – even if you replace only one component. Our system engineering experts see to it that all components interact with other systems. Even simple aspects such as new seats have an impact on the aisle width and therefore escape routes, evacuation concepts, and fire protection. We compile, review and communicate your needs to ensure that your suppliers can implement them in an efficient and timely manner. This means that you can concentrate on the essentials – the operation of your trains.

You know what you want to do with your new vehicle. We use our expertise to formulate the technical requirements and performance parameters so that your suppliers understand exactly what you need. We will also be happy to help you if you are considering different offers for your own tender. We compile technical performance data and match them with your practical requirements.

Modified or new components often require verification or a new approval. Our experts check your components against the requirements of the national and international approval authorities through expert opinions.

Our inspectors are authorised by the EBA (DE) as inspectors for NoBos’ and Debo’s and by the BAV (CH) as BBS for:

  • Assessment of welded constructions and their implementation
  • Assessment of the strength of car bodies and bogie frames
  • Assessment of components for vehicles with and without tilting technology

We will also be happy to offer our expertise in the event of damage: We also help you identify the cause of major accidents. You can rely on over 20 years of expertise as an accident assessor throughout Europe.

Approved by the Saxony Chamber of Industry and Commerce, we can also act as court experts.

We will also be happy to help you obtain approval from the authorities. From documentation through to communication with official bodies: We will make your vehicles road-legal throughout the European market, where necessary. Our experts speak the language of the regulatory authorities.

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