Mechanics: Designing the complexity

Rail vehicles are highly complex systems. Pressure tight, “whisper brakes”, bogies: Time and again, train technology makes a major leap forward.

We know the opportunities and challenges of all these innovations and can help you leverage the ones that suit your needs. We design freight wagons, as well as vehicles for passenger transport or maintenance vehicles.

We will support you all the way, from the initial concept, the design and the technical calculation up to production planning and quality testing right through to documentation and commissioning. And we also have an eye for alternative transport systems.

You have an idea for a new vehicle or a new feature – and perhaps already a first plan with technical details. But you still have the feeling that you have not considered all aspects. No problem – we’ll do that together with you. Our interdisciplinary teams will help you incorporate all the innovations in mobility that are feasible and efficient for your vehicles. We will provide you with diagrams and explore the limits of what is feasible together with you. In doing so, we will also keep an eye on the standards and regulations you have to observe during approval and operation. We can use this information to draw up tailor-made specifications for your partners as needed.

A small one-off or series production of entire vehicles? Just tell us what you need and we’ll do it. Our team of design engineers is not restricted to standard projects. No job is too small or too big for us – our staff is efficient and adaptive to different working environments. Our employees always keep an eye on the budget and know which solutions are appropriate in which situation, for example, whether a component will be lasered in series in the future. Or whether it is a particularly durable hand-welded centrepiece. In doing so, we rely on the decades of experience gained from various projects.

Will the new drive assembly fit into the current cabinet? We will be happy to calculate that for you. And not only in terms of length, height and width. We will also make sure that the weight, power supply and heat parameters remain within the normal range. If they don’t, we will not be the ones to present you with bad news. We will share other ideas on how this could still work – with as few changes as possible.

Maintenance manuals, time schedules, life cycle costing: Documentation is vital for the smooth long-term operation of your trains. Because good mechanics is not just about delivering a functioning train. Rather, it is about ensuring the entire life span of a vehicle. How often and for how long does a vehicle need to be in the workshop? How much power does the lighting consume? Designers must therefore document the performance data from the outset and take into account when and where signs of wear can occur. We will help you create documentation or bridge gaps in existing documents. Even for the vehicles that were designed by other manufacturers. We rely on our technical understanding and the data basis gained from hundreds of project planning and construction jobs.       

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