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More and more trains need to be able to run across Europe. And even within a rail vehicle, the interaction of components, sensors and systems is highly complex. It should not be possible to open doors while the vehicle is running, and brakes and drive should be closely coordinated. Train operating systems interface with an growing number of subsystems.

We know the technologies that will be moving the industry in the future. And we know how you can benefit from them. Benefit from our expertise in software, control and TCMS.

We will develop functional vehicle concepts for new vehicles and refits together with you. We will support you in the programming and the implementation of subsystems. We will program your TCMS solution, as well as test and validate all electrical and electronic components.


You want to develop software and electronics for a complete rail vehicle or or need expert support with the EMC & grounding concept:: our team is there for you. Where brakes used to be mechanical, for example, electrical components and software solutions are now being implemented. We have experts in both fields. And so we can find the best possible application for them.

Nothing is more important than the safety of passengers and personnel. For this reason, our certified safety engineers perform a hazard & risk analysis immediately with each project start. Safety Integrity Levels (SIL) are calculated, fault trees are created and finally technical safety reports are developed.

Control lines and bus lines form the nerve tracts of each train. We will stay with you throughout the entire project, starting with the design and selection of electrical components & cables, including component installation and database maintenance in Zuken E3.series (schematic, cable, panel, dbe, fluid) and EPLAN P8. We will support you with the cable routing in the vehicle and help you draw up terminal diagrams and cable lists – to make sure you know how your vehicle works in the future.

Brake control, multiple traction and passenger data: A train is full of software. How do you bundle and control all these subsystems to make sure they interact reliably? We will be happy to help you with this – starting with the architecture concept: centralised or decentralised? We will stay with you from the design of the digital bus systems (TRDP, CANopen, MVB, IBIS-IP) through to the integration of telemetry systems. We will specify, program and test the entire control technology, including configuration of Ethernet-based network switches (QoS, VLAN, DHCP, routing). In doing so, we pay particular attention to security, which is demonstrated by the process that conforms to the standards.

Systems for rail vehicles are among the most complex solutions in the world. Countless components and systems must interact smoothly in a wide variety of scenarios. This will be tested using a sophisticated strategy that we have refined over the years. First, in individual software modules – then in combinations of several modules in the customer-specific development environment. Finally, we will test the entire vehicle and its systems during commissioning – static and dynamic in single and multiple traction – both at the manufacturer’s and operator’s premises. In doing so, we will also test behaviour outside the application area (negative tests) in order to guarantee the highest level of safety. The validation of the requirements specification completes our portfolio in the entire development process based on the V-model.

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