Kuppel innen Frauenkirche

The Christmas season is eagerly anticipated in our company every year, but this time something very special was planned. We wanted our company Christmas party to be not only festive and cheerful, but also an unforgettable experience. And so employees from all company locations made their way to Dresden.

In the late afternoon, we met in front of the majestic Frauenkirche. Just the sight of it was breathtaking. The history and details presented to us during an informative guided tour made the visit something very special.

We learnt about the challenges of reconstruction and the significance of this impressive building for the city of Dresden and German history.

We then continued on to Dresden 1900, a charming restaurant right next to the Frauenkirche. The atmosphere was warm and inviting, with decorative elements that transported us back in time. The festive Christmas menu that awaited us left nothing to be desired. We enjoyed traditional Saxon cuisine and had a great time. Employees had the opportunity to converse in a relaxed atmosphere and look back over the year. Those who wanted to could also decorate Pulsnitz gingerbread.

The company Christmas party was undoubtedly another highlight of the year, enriching us with unforgettable moments and emphasising the importance of community.

Kuppelaufstieg Frauenkirche Dresden
Blick über die Altstadt von Dresden
Anno 1900 am Neumarkt Dresden
Festessen im Anno 1900
Verzieren von Pulsnitzer Pfefferkuchen
Blick auf die Frauenkirche Dresden