Four of our colleagues had the opportunity to spend an exciting and educational week at TU Dresden from 11 to 15 September 2023. They took part in an intensive course on rail vehicles, which broadened and deepened their knowledge and skills.

The course provided a comprehensive introduction to various aspects of rail vehicles. The colleagues dealt with topics such as classification and construction of mainline and tram vehicles, rail vehicles, basics of braking technology as well as drive technology and dynamics.

Introductory acoustics of rail vehicles, wheel-rail contact and track guidance were covered in detail, as were transverse and vertical dynamics as well as electric rail and energy storage.

The practical learning experience was particularly valuable for our colleagues. In a practical course on braking technology, they deepened their understanding of pneumatic brakes and learned more about timing and the effects of operating errors. They were also able to explore drive technology in a special laboratory.

A highlight was the experience on the driving simulator: our colleagues had the opportunity to experience first-hand the challenges and nuances of driving a rail vehicle, including the dynamics of energy savings and the field of vision of a train driver. In two further practical courses in the computer room, they deepened their knowledge of vehicle dynamics and vehicle simulation using the multi-body systems (MBS) method.

An excursion to the Pirna railway depot rounded off the experience. Here they were given an insight into the world of locomotive and wagon workshops, were able to see trains at close quarters and were given detailed insights into structural work that is not normally seen.

Our four colleagues return with increased understanding and are ready to put their acquired knowledge into practice. Our praise goes to the TU Dresden for organising such an event.